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Huge thanks to everyone who joined us for #hammocktime at WOMADelaide last weekend. We were fully booked out from lunchtime on the second day, which was most delightful (for us, at least)! Fortunately, as there tend to be a few distractions at festivals like WOMADelaide, we were also able to fit a bunch of people visiting on one-day passes in to some no-show slots too. Next year we will come back with MOAR hammocks and a heap more guides (well, here’s hoping we will!).

During hammocktime we asked our participants to consider three questions, the idea being to create a wordcloud data visualisation as a kind of mood snapshot, representing the values and beliefs of each location at that moment in time. As the project develops we will be visiting different communities in different contexts, so it’ll be interesting to see how the clouds vary.

So, without further ado, here is the collective output from almost 200 delightful WOMADelaide participants:

Q1: What would make the world a better place?


Q2: What can I do personally to enact change?


Q3: What can we do collectively to enact change?


and finally, just for jollies, here’s ALL the words that were contributed across all three questions:

What a lovely bunch of humans!

hammocktime photo by guest, Libby Price

We have had a couple of lovely memories triggered by you guys over the week, including this review in Lipmag by Lou Heinrich and this colourful shot of the bus by Libby Price (left).

Feel free to add your thoughts, reflections, feedback or photos from your experiences with us via Twitter @feesable, Facebook http://facebook.com/hammocktime.cc or in the comments below. But obviously not while you’re in a hammock…




On behalf of your guides, Steven Abbey, Calixta Cheers​, Anna Crump​, Indigo Eli​, Kim Pedler​, Scott Wings​, Manal Younus​, my bus #homeJames, and myself: Thank you so very much for sharing your hammocktime with us!


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